Whew, I am finally home from Sweden and Turkey, and after sleeping through the weekend, I am finally feeling almost back to normal, even if I am still falling asleep at 9 and waking up at 5. Could be jetlag, could be my impending old age, either way, I'll be glad to finally shake it off!

In my last post, I shared my images of the people I shot in Istanbul. My real love though, is shooting details and textures, and of course, locks! I tried to go through and pull out my favorites, but there were so many images that just looked better as a collection that I decided to share the gallery below instead. I'll just post this one single image of my favorite shot of the trip. I had been wanting to shoot laundry hanging on a line for ages, but it took me this long to find the right scene--and I finally did! Check it out:


I'll also share the one item I did bring back for myself. I do not like to buy a lot of trinkets or "stuff", but I do love to bring home one really special item from everywhere interesting I go. I found this amazing bag, handmade out of pieces of antique persian rugs, that will make a great overnight bag. I had to use my powers of "turkish negotiation" to be able to get it, but I did! Here it is:


And of course, the gallery--check it out!