Over the three days we spent in Istanbul, I mostly shot what I always shoot when I travel: colors, patterns, textures, and little things that the ordinary tourist might not notice or capture (if you're interested, you can see more on my art site, overlookedart.com, which really needs an update). One thing I don't shoot much are the people who live wherever I am traveling. It's not that the people aren't fascinating, although I really only like to shoot people who seem to tell a story with the way they look or what they are doing. It's more that for a long time I've been uncomfortable shooting people that haven't actually hired me to be there!

Shooting people who don't know me requires a different means and level of getting permission to take that photograph. I'm teaching a class at Rock Harbor in June on missional photography (which we also taught last year) with Mike Colon and Dane Sanders that focuses on this in more detail, but the truth is that having never been on a mission myself, I have had relatively little experience in this area. However, this trip has definitely better educated me on this sort of photographer/subject relationship!

Okay, on to the photos.

It was a Friday afternoon the first day we really got to walk around and shoot. Even people who are not super religious pray on Fridays at lunch time in Istanbul--here is a big crowd during that time at the Blue Mosque:


These women were making traditional Turkish pancakes--they were quite animated and willing to be photographed!


I still have no idea what this fruit/vegetable was, but this guy couldn't crank out juice fast enough to satisfy all the people who wanted it!

**thanks to all the people in the comments who have let me know that these are pomegranates :)**


A kid in the town of Balat, my favorite area where I shot lots and lots of locks and textures:


A man who saw me take a shot of the texture next to his head seemed disappointed that I didn't want to shoot him, so I obliged :)


The food vendors are so delicious!


Doesn't this look good? It was a TOTAL trick. The corn was chewy, not crisp and delicious like it should be. I was severely disappointed to say the least:


The locals seemed to enjoy it though:


We got a drink and a snack here. The owner couldn't figure out if I wanted him in or out of the photo:


This man shines shoes on a sidewalk. Becker had wanted a shoe shine anyway, so once he paid the man, he was perfectly willing to let us photograph him:


The fish market is bustling, especially in the early evening! This guy seems just about ready for the rush that's about to hit:


Just an interesting person and scene that I happened to come across:


My favorite of the day. I don't know what story she has to tell, but I am sure she has one. What do you think?


I'll post some more goodies in the next couple days! I am teaching a second Sweden workshop here in Gothenburg tomorrow all day, so I need to rest up :) Happy Monday!

**all photos here shot in raw on my hoodman cards--they were super fast, and downloaded faster than my jpegs using the hoodman downloader too. click below and pick up a card or two if you want to try them out**