As I write this post semi-blinded by the ring currently residing on my left hand, I can't believe that this weekend was actually real! So remember how I went on and on about Jeff a few posts ago? Well, WE'RE ENGAGED!!

My close friends can vouch for this, but I've never been the type to believe that people can meet, fall in love, and get married quickly. The words, "what morons" have passed through my lips numerous times, and scowling looks of doubt and dismay when I heard engagement stories like this have graced my face more than once. The truth is though, that from the day I met Jeff, we've been together every day since, and I couldn't be more sure that he is the perfect person for me. I'm so so excited to be getting to spend my life with someone so kind, considerate, handsome, and hilarious. Did I ever luck out!!

I'm sure everyone wants to hear about the proposal, but it's kind of a long story, so sit back for this one! I'll try to intersperse this post with a few photos to jazz it up :)

Here's one that Candice & Mark shot of us a couple weeks ago:

Okay, so now for the story.

Let me preface this by first telling you two things, one about me, and one about Jeff. I am a NOTORIOUSLY nosy person. Always have been. I'm not mean spirited, but I love to search for Christmas gifts, I'll definitely look at emails if a computer is up and running, texts, etc. I don't even do it intentionally anymore, it's just in my nature. Because of this (somewhat unbecoming) trait, I am a very difficult person to surprise. Jeff, on the other hand, is a very straightforward person. He's pretty much an open book, and really not very sneaky at all. The combination of these two traits made me firmly believe that whenever he decided to go forward with the engagement/proposal, I'd know immediately and make sure to have a manicure and a good hair day.

WRONG. I grossly underestimated Jeff's sneakiness. No less than 30 people were involved in his plot which took over a month to orchestrate.

To start from the beginning...

I knew that I was not going to be engaged any time soon, for the simple reason of logistics. My entire family lives on the East coast, and Jeff isn't the kind of guy who would propose to a girl without getting permission from the parents. My mother was in town for a visit this past week but my father hadn't made plans to come out until the end of April, so I knew that it would be then at the absolute earliest. Anyway, I had a lovely visit with my mother, which ended up with us visiting some cousins in LA who had planned to take her to the airport Saturday morning. Jeff was a non-player in this part of the weekend, because he had left on Friday to drive out to Vegas for a bachelor party (or so I thought).

On Friday night, they really wanted me to spend the night so I could take my mother to the airport myself. I really wanted to get home (it had been a long week!), but they had all kinds of lame reasons why they just couldn't take her to the airport. I whined about it to Jeff on the phone, who was exhausted from a late night of poker in Vegas. That is how I wound up driving my mother to LAX on Saturday morning.

That afternoon, me, Michael Norwood, and Cyndie (Michael's wife) had planned to go to our good friends Justin & Amelia Lyon's son Hudson's birthday party. Justin called me and let me know that Hudson was sick and they were postponing, and Michael told me that it was just as well because the Watkins girls (good Norwood family friends) wanted to go to dinner with us. So that evening, I rode with Michael & Cyndie to dinner which was in Newport Beach.

We were walking along Balboa Peninsula, which is the site of my and Jeff's first official date. We passed by the ferris wheel where Jeff took me that night, but of course I didn't think anything of it because Jeff was in Vegas for a Bachelor party. I even mentioned to Michael & Cyndie, "oh, Jeff took me on that ferris wheel one night":


(photo by victor sizemore)

As you can see, they are already backing away and secretly laughing at me. We were just chitchatting about that when I looked over to where the ferris wheel was, and there was Jeff! I was completely shocked, because he was AT A BACHELOR PARTY IN VEGAS!:


(photo by victor sizemore

The second I saw Jeff, I knew what was coming, and while I was happy to see him:


(photo by victor sizemore

I was also wondering what I was going to do because he hadn't met my dad yet!

Jeff had rented out the whole ferris wheel so we were the only ones on it. We got to the top and the wheel stopped so we could see all of Newport Beach. I was laughing and nervous, and asking a ton of questions, particularly about my dad. Jeff said, "Remember that work trip to San Francisco I went on a few weeks ago?". I said, "Yes, the one where your boss made you work all weekend?". Jeff replied, "Yeah, I wasn't on a work trip, I flew out to New York to meet your dad and brother and ask your dad's permission and blessing, which he gave me".

I was SHOCKED. I couldn't believe how many things he had to tell me to pull something like that off!


Jeff told me he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me, and of course the whole time I barely remembered a thing, because I looked down and Michael and Victor were both shooting--and then something else happened. I asked if my mom knew that this was going to happen, and Jeff told me that not only did she know but she was down there! So I look down and there's my mom, with my LA cousins. Apparently they went and picked my mom up from the airport 10 minutes after I dropped her off. Jerks :)

THEN Jeff pointed out some other people--my brother who flew in from New York, his parents who flew in from Texas, and almost all of our closest friends--Candice & Mark, Dane & Tami, Kamee, Renee, the Watkins girls & their parents, it was insane!! Of course I said yes:


We went around the ferris wheel again with everyone cheering--it was amazing! Then Michael hopped on and shot some legit engagement photos (check out the rest on (his blog:







Afterwards, we got off the ferris wheel and joined our family and friends. We all walked to dinner at a nearby restaurant where Jeff had a private room set up for all of us to have an amazing meal! Nate & Jaclyn and Justin and Amelia joined us (no, Hudson's birthday wasn't really cancelled), and we had a beautiful, incredible night.

I seriously can't believe how blessed and lucky I am to have found a man who would go so far out of his way to surprise me and do something so special. I means more than I can even say that our families and friends got to share that night with us, and as long as I live I will never forget it (even if I can barely remember anything from the ferris wheel, I was so shocked!). Jeff is such a good person, so special and wonderful, and I really am just shellshocked that I finally found him. Our families got along so well, and it was such a treat to get to spend time with them (although not enough)

It was a wonderful night in every way!


I guess now it's time to plan a wedding! Anyone have any advice? :)

(to the person who asked below--it is NOT coincidence that we are in a green car. he planned it. yeah, he's that good.)