It seems to be the contest time of year! The folks over at Totally Rad Actions are having their first MEGA CONTEST and are giving away some big prizes! I actually really want to win, so I'll be entering myself.

Also, if you've been waiting to buy the actions they are having a BIG sale right now! The TRA Set 1 is $25 off, the TRA Set 2 is $30 off, and the TRA Combo is $60 off!!! I use one of these actions on EVERY photo, so go grab that combo pack now because they'll probably never be that cheap again. Just click the banner below to get to the site:

Back to the contest info. Here's the deal(from the totally rad blog):

We want to see your raddest images. Your eye-popping, jaw-dropping photo magic. That kind of stuff. We want to see before and after shots that show off the Totally Rad Actions. Show us how you’ve transformed your photos, and tell us how you did it. All genres and styles of photography are welcome and encouraged.

To submit images, send an email to along with:

Your Name
Your Location (city, state, country)
The recipe for your image (what actions you used, in what order, and at what strength, along with any other special stuff you did to the image)
Two versions of the image - one straight out of camera, and the final version. Please resize them down to 1000px on the wide end. JPGs only.
By entering our contest, you agree to allow us to use your submitted images and your recipe, along with a photo credit, for promotional purposes on our website and in printed literature.

Our TRA Recipe contest through April 5, 2009, and we have some awesome prizes for the best images submitted, including:


The Dream Package from Into The Darkroom. The first place winner will get a new template website, blog template, AND slideshow program from Into The Darkroom. Their blogs and designs are absolutely SICK. This is actually the reason I want to win--I have a new project that could use a new blog and site!!


One Year in the Wedding Chicks online directory, and one month on the site’s front page. Wedding Chicks is a bridal blog that connects stylish brides with elite wedding vendors. This prize’s value is approximately $300.

And last but certainly not least:


A SHOOTSAC and cover!!

So go buy the actions by clicking the banner below! I'm sick of all of you who email me asking if you should "really" buy them. Yes, buy them.

And because posts are boring without photos, here's a little photo for you from Chenin Boutwell's maternity shoot! If you think her belly is cute, you should see her baby.

My recipe:

Yin/Yang: Yin @ 100% on the right hand side
Lux Hard @ 58%
Warm it up Kris @ 100%