DIY=Do It Yourself

This is not my motto. I've never been one of those people who could just be creative at the drop of a hat and find cheap and creative solutions, much to the chagrin of my parents (and my bank account). However, I've always WISHED that I could learn to do things myself and make them look good--there's a satisfaction in both the accomplishment and the savings that's so appealing to me!

The other night, I went to a baby shower for a friend from a very creative family. Her mom and sisters did everything, from the cake to the food, to the decor. It looked right out of an Anthropologie baby catalog (if there was such a thing, and I really don't know why there isn't yet). I asked about who did it, and found out that it was primarily orchestrated by Summer, who runs one of my new favorite wedding idea blogs, Grey Likes Weddings. She's a new blogger, but she has AMAZING style--I seriously love every post she makes!

Especially this one:


and this one:


I got talking to Summer at this shower about how to get good at doing things yourself, and while it may come naturally to her and her sisters, some of us need a little help! She told me that she had this great idea to do a DIY floral workshop to show brides (and people who love flowers) how to make really awesome arrangements to use at their own weddings or parties! Because I've seen Summer's work in photos from both her sisters Brooke & Brittany's weddings, I know that she's legit. Check it out (photos from Michael Norwood):




Anyway, back to the workshop idea. I think that teaching people how to DIY is an incredibly good idea especially in this economy, and I just found out that the very FIRST workshop is scheduled and has just begun accepting registrations!!


date: the date is March 28, 2009 (saturday) from 1-3pm
location: Lake Park Clubhouse at Lake and 12th Street in Huntington Beach
cost: the cost is $120, which INCLUDES flowers to make one bouquet and one arrangement! Not bad considering you'll be saving that amount for EACH bouquet and arrangement you end up doing yourself at your next party :)

For more details and to sign up, **CLICK HERE NOW**

Feel free to repost and/or blog about this workshop to let your friends know--I'm super excited about it myself, so I'll be there for sure! I think it'd be a fun thing to do with a few girlfriends or your bridesmaids. See ya there!!

Happy Monday!