When I go to Vegas for WPPI, I always tell myself that I'm going to take it easy, not over-extend, not do any shooting. Every single year, without fail, I refuse to do any of those things, and I'm always glad! While the week is exhausting and usually takes me a week to recover, I get opportunities to do, see, and shoot people and places I'd never get to do here!

Lucky for me, the groom in one of my 2010 couples is a photographer himself, the very talented JP Elario. He and his beautiful fiancee, Kris Ann asked me to shoot their engagement session in Vegas, and there's nowhere else I'd rather have shot than the Neon Boneyard--that place is fantastic! A special thank you to
Chris from The Reason I Love for getting us in and letting us shoot there last minute!

JP and Kris Ann met the way I always figured I'd meet someone--at a wedding! He was the photographer, she was the florist, they hit it off, the rest is history! Their wedding will be a photographers' dream--with Kris Ann's team on florals and JP on letting me shoot the good light, I absolutely cannot wait till next March!

Back to Vegas--this was my first time visiting or shooting in the Neon Boneyard and I was surely NOT disappointed! Check out some of my faves:

Very large dice...


This couple is just so cute together--I can't wait to shoot them again!


There are all kinds of weird things at the boneyard:


But you can still get romantic photos there:


They're just so stinkin' cute!


I loved this little series:


Kris Ann certainly can be sassy...



But look what else the sign says! Probably JP's preference...


We finally got a little JC backlight going on through those clouds!


Ironically, right in the perfect spot!


Another favorite:


Quick little wardrobe change, and we continued on. I would love to have one of these signs at my house, but they're HUGE!!


So cute. They just have so much fun together:


I love the color palette of this one:


My friend Beth says you can never have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes:


Get him Kris Ann!


Just a fun little walk away:


After all these years, backlight is still my favorite thing:


So are good looking couples. It makes my job very very easy:


Kris Ann's dress was so perfect:


I loved this star! Too bad my logo isn't still the pink star--I would have for sure tried to steal this sign!


JP calls his his signature--a blingy watch! I love the contrast between that and Kris Ann's bracelets:


Silver slipper, red slippers, what's the difference really?


Another fave:


I would call this a classic Jessica Claire image. If I can shoot an image like this at every session, I leave happy:


Last but not least:


I processed the images today using not only the TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS, but also quite a few of the KUBOTA ACTIONS (give it a second to load). The Kubota X-process combo is still one of my favorite actions, but I have the whole Kubota suite and use them frequently. A wonderful investment if you can swing it.