That's right, I'm declaring blog bankruptcy. Taking a mulligan, getting a do-over, wiping the slate clean, etc. etc. During the last part of the year, I got so behind here that it seemed like a huge chore to get caught up. Nothing I was posting was ever current, and just knowing that I was so far behind made me not want to blog at all! So I'm stating over and starting 2009 clean with the most recent job I've shot, and I'll blog the shoots from the later part of 2008 as I get to them. That way, everything will get blogged eventually, and I can keep it so fresh and so clean clean here for '09!

Last week, I flew to Atlanta after docking for the cruise to meet up with Ami and Scott for their 10 year vow renewal! For those of you who don't know, Ami is a blogger herself and runs the site Elizabeth Anne Designs, which is a great wedding and lifestyle resource for anyone involved in the wedding industry. As a blogger and a person involved in the industry herself, Ami decided to go all out for her event, and put more thought and planning into her big day than I've ever seen! This will be a multi-day post, because there were just so many things that she did, and I want you to see them all!

Before I show the photos, I just have to give a giant shout-out to my faves, Michael Norwood and Mark Brooke! These guys came to Atlanta with me and we had the absolute best time! I can't imaging having spent that week with any other two people and I feel so blessed to have friends like this. Please go to their blogs and leave them all kinds of nice comments because they're stellar photographers and they'll like that :)

Okay, back to Ami and Scott. The day before the big day (New Years' Eve Eve, if you will), they decided to rent out Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves, for their group. They're huge Braves fans, which is a big part of the reason why this event was in Atlanta to begin with, so it was only appropriate that part of the events be at the stadium. It was so cool to have the ENTIRE place to ourselves with full access to go anywhere we wanted. When we got there, we spent a few hours shooting portraits all over the place:

I love how detailed the seats at the stadium are:


Walking on top of the dugout:


Just hangin'


Empty baseball stadiums are cool:


Atlanta has really beautiful light:


The weather was absolutely perfect. Not too hot or cold, with a little breeze:




One of my favorite shots:


This was up in the bullpen:


So was this one:


I really like this one too:


We walked all the way around:


love the lines:


Might be my favorite:


They're cute in their jerseys:


Dinner was up at the 755 club, and there were tons of little details. That jersey was their signing board alternate, and check out the seating chart! The rest are fairy self-explanatory:


This was the view from the press box--now THAT'S the way to see the game:



Nice locker room. My locker room at school didn't look like this:


If you ever need to shoot well-lit portraits, rent out a baseball stadium:


Last shot of the field at night:


More soon from the wedding day itself!