First of all, a big congratulations to President Elect OBAMA--isn't it weird to know that we're all alive on a day that kids will learn about in school for the rest of the future to come? I feel like in my particular generation, there haven't been a whole lot of those days, although only the future will tell which parts of history end up going down in the books.

I feel bad for John McCain--I generally feel bad for anyone who loses! I don't feel like he lost so much as it was the Bush administration who lost--not electing McCain was more in response to that, I think. His concession speech was very good, and losing sucks no matter how you slice it.

Obama has a tough road ahead of him--he's not entering into office at an easy time. I hope that he is all the things he says he is, and that this is a positive change in the attitude of America. I do think that it will energize people to have someone so ambitious and dynamic and full of hope as the focal point of the country.

I am very optimistic about the future of the country right now because it's time for things to be shaken up a little bit! I'm also personally thrilled that the picketers that have been lining the streets around here with signs will no longer be out causing traffic.

If you are over hearing about the election and want a little dose of humor, I did a new Shoot the Sh*t episode while I was in NYC a week or two ago for Photoplus Expo. It's posted up over at The Bschool Blog, so go check it out! I paid a friend of mine some money to try to eat a whole Crepe in one bite. Good times!