I'm going to wait until tomorrow to share my whole story of Anna & Chris's wedding, which took place in beautiful Monroe, Louisiana, exactly one month ago today. I have a lot to say about this wedding, but since it is 3am right now, I don't feel that I can do it the justice it deserves until tomorrow! I'll leave you with the letter Anna's sisters sent to me about why I should shoot this wedding, and I'll share my thoughts on it when I post part 2.

From The Rockett Sisters, Lisa, Jennifer, and Lacey:

January 12, 2008

Dear Jessica Claire,

We hope this letter finds you well and not too over-whelmed with letters. We are sorry that this is coming in at the last possible moment, and hope that it is not causing you additional stress. That being said, we hope that you will enjoy getting to know our little sister through this brief and inept description. We found out about your amazingly generous offer through your blog and felt that we just had to write.

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to our little sister, Anna. She is the fifth child in a family of eight; five girls and three boys. She is an amazingly beautiful young woman – outside and in. She goes to school full-time, teaches piano to 17 students who adore her, and also serves at a local restaurant on the weekends. Chris is a guy we’ve known his entire life. We even used to babysit him! He was born just three months before Anna in a small town in Mississippi. He is one of those guys that everyone asks to be a groomsman in their wedding. He won us all over (including our dad) from the beginning of their relationship, with his sweet charm, goofy personality, and plain-simple-love for Anna. In 92’ our family had to relocate to Louisiana and just seven years later Chris’s family moved to the same small town! It was if they were meant to be together all along. They have literally grown up together, and are like two peas in a pod. When they were fifteen, they were deemed by anyone who was “in the know” – an item. Amazingly enough, through their high-school years, they didn’t fall into the typical teen-age drama of insecurities, constant break-ups, and co-dependency. So secure were they in their relationship, they felt it important to give each other plenty of room to breath and grow. Despite the fact that they made a difficult, yet mature decision to spend two summers apart, their relationship did not falter, but grew deeper and deeper. They, quite literally, fell into love.

Anna has always been a very motivated and determined young woman. She worked through high school as a babysitter, and bought her first, beat-up car at only 16 years old. She paid for her own insurance, cell phone, clothes, etc. Though our parents had no money to help, she decided she wanted to go to college after graduating from high school. So, she saved and used all of her money that she received as graduation gifts, to pay for college. When her car broke down and was not repairable, we were all very concerned about how she would pay for a new one. We knew Anna was very careful with her money, but what we didn’t know was that she planned ahead and had saved more than enough for a new car. She has done the same in preparation for her wedding. She knew that there would not be much money available for her wedding, so she started saving years ago. When their other college friends are out on weekends, she and Chris work or stay in, and deny themselves little treats and special things they truly deserve, because they want their wedding to special for their friends and family. However, finding ways to make this event special and unique comes with its own set of challenges. She is the fifth child in our family to get married in a six year time period. We have all gotten married in Monroe, Louisiana – at the same church, with the same decorations, the same disc jockey, cake maker, and photographer; the last wedding was less than a year ago. Though she has been very willing to take our suggestions to heart and “make things easy”, she has very sweetly struggled to make her own wedding unique.

Our parents both work full-time jobs, and still have three children living at home; there is no room in the budget for anything other than the ordinary. Not only has Anna so selflessly asked for no monetary help, it has been of the utt-most importance to her to keep cost to a minimum for her attendants.

We would love to show you Louisiana in the fall, with all its beautiful bayous and cypress trees.
We would love to share our huge family with you and our unique Cajun-spin on Southern hospitality.
We would love for you to be the photographer at our little sister’s wedding.

We love our sister more than anything and feel that she and Chris have worked so hard to live quiet, peaceful, and responsible lives. They have been an amazing example of sweetness and humility to all who know them. They are the first to volunteer for any project that needs to be done, and the first to be invited to a party - because they are just so wonderful to be around. I’ve never heard them complain about hard work, or expect special treatment for anything.
Though not earth-shattering, they do have an amazing story. It is a story is of something beautiful, rare and true. It’s of first love, first kisses, and falling in love with your best friend.

She and Chris would be greatly honored by your gift.

So with that, I leave you these photos!

Anna with some help from her sister Lisa getting ready:


Finishing touches:


Wonder what boys do the morning of their weddings?


This is the house where Anna got ready--it's owned by her church and sits on the church property. All the church members use it for functions, to put up out of town guests, and to get ready for weddings! Not bad, huh? :)


Anna's simple, vintage inspired dress:


A bright splash of color for the shoes:


One of my favorite bridal photos ever:


I LOVED these flowers!


First look:



This setting could not have been more perfect:


Nor could Anna have been:




Chris is no slouch himself!


The girls are always laughing and having a good time:


This one just makes me happy:


Love those shoes!


Chris makes Anna happy:


Seriously, can I shoot here every day??


Stay tuned for part 2, tomorrow!