I met Fiona on a cold, rainy day in New York last year while I was in town for some reason or another. Over lunch, she shared with me her plans for her wedding, the reasons she loved Ian, her then-fiancee, and a little bit about her past. One subject turned to another, and I remember asking her when and how she knew that Ian was the one for her. She may not even remember this conversation, but she said something then that I never forgot and have thought of often since. She told me that when she was in college she had a boyfriend with whom she had a lot in common, but who ultimately wasn't right for her. She said, "I don't doubt that my college boyfriend loved me, but it was nothing like this. With Ian, I never have to worry--I am the center of his world".

This is how I knew that I liked Ian before I ever met him.

The night before the wedding, I stopped by the church in Memphis where the wedding would take place the next day. With all the hustle and bustle that was going on, Ian took the time to introduce me to himself, his family, and his groomsmen, who are as awesome and diverse as he is. They flew from literally, all over the world to stand up for him in his wedding.

I am so honored to have been chosen to photograph this wedding. I feel that after spending time with this couple, I know more about what love should look like, and I hope that I was able to capture that for them.

Onto the photos!

It's always good to kick things off (pun intended) with a blingy pair of shoes:


Fiona's other bling:


This whole look was so gorgeous. The gown was by Reem Acra and fit her absolutely perfectly:


Mom's first proud look at her only daughter:


This is what she saw--she certainly is gorgeous, isn't she??


Ian and his hunka hunka burnin' groomsmen (hey, it was a memphis wedding, and with these glasses, I couldn't resist)


Fiona helping dad out before he walks her down the aisle:


Fiona fought me tooth and nail before the wedding. Although it was going to be dark after the ceremony, she was firm that she wanted Ian's expression as she first appeared to walk down the aisle. Turned out she was right--he was excited!


This church was so beautiful and I loved the traditional but beautiful feel of this photo:


Right after the ceremony. Tech info--no flash, 3200 ISO, 1/60th of a second, shot BW in camera:


Of course we had to stop off at Beale Street on the way to the reception!


The party was held at the famous Peabody Hotel. Gorgeous, isn't it?


I was impressed with these moves!


One really cool thing about this couple is how into each other and aware of one another they were. It was never hard to find them together to capture private moments like these:


They had a killer bluesy band play:


One the way to cut the cake--I love their excitement!


Right after cutting--an impromptu kiss.


Fiona and Ian, thank you for sharing your day with me. You are wonderful!!! Also, a VERY VERY BIG thank you to my good friend Crystal Goss of Arkansas for driving all the way down to shoot this with me. Love ya girl!