Ah, the perils of traveling! This blog--dead in the water. My sleeping schedule--erratic at best. I do plan on making up for lost time as soon as I return back home in a couple of weeks. For now, here's a few updates on where I've been and what I've been doing, and a little foreshadowing of blog posts still awaiting you in your near future....(cue fugue music)

Thea and Nilsson were married on Oklahoma City in an absolutely spectacular wedding. The details of this one were awesome, the location unforgettable, and the kindness of their friends and family was overwhelming:


And they managed to shoot a day after session with me at 6am the next morning--isn't the light at sunrise amazing?


The miracle of life occurred! Baby Larkin Olivia was born to Kamee and Jaren, and she is a gorgeous rockstar baby who sleeps all day and parties all night. Case in point:


Ian and Vivien are going to be getting married on Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii next weekend which I will be shooting. I shot their engagement session last week:


I also made a trip to Memphis for Fiona and Ian's fabulous wedding! They were a gorgeous, emotional, beautiful couple and I can't wait to share these photos with you:


Monday and Tuesday of this week, I taught two days of classes at the Image X seminar, and shared photography and knowledge with over 60 awesome photographers.


All in all it was an exciting, whirlwind couple of weeks. This weekend I'm in Monroe, Louisiana for a very special wedding, which I can't wait to show you either. Internet access is very spotty here (there's no 3G network for my connection), but on Monday, regular long posts will resume! Thanks for staying with me!!