Well, it just goes to show how terribly behind I am here, because Allison and Delwin are already married! I loved their wedding so much--I really wanted to post their wedding sooner, but I knew that I couldn't blog that before the engagement. They did their engagement session very close to the wedding date, and I couldn't get the post together before the wedding, so there you go.

Allison and Delwin are perfectionists. This, I have found, is an exceptionally good quality to have when planning a wedding, because nothing is overlooked. One of the things that struck me most about this couple when I met them and every time I've been with them since is their ability to communicate with each other about things in a soft, quiet way. Whether it be plans for the schedule or scouting the perfect location, they're so on the same page with each other that perfection in their planning comes naturally and effortlessly.

For this shoot, we went down to San Juan Capistrano. I loved the feel of the shoot--both playful and emotional, with a little twist of retro. Check it out!


This was my favorite shot that day!


I loved this also--this was the one they chose for their large portrait:


A change of clothes, and a change of mood:


Trying out something a little different:


Lately I like to shoot little details of couples interacting without showing their faces:


Weren't these farm tools a great find? Not to mention the hay bales and trailer!!


Last but certainly not least--a modern American Gothic: