Wow, thank you for all the great suggestions below of things to blog about! Now when I have a day where I just don't have much going on, I have a great pool of suggestions to pull from. So fun!

My mother is actually one of the people who left a comment. Her choice was, "How about your 91 year old grandmother taking everyone to the cleaners at Beach Week Poker?" Since when Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy, you win mom!

Yes, it's true. My grandmother is a poker shark. She'd play every day if she could get to a casino. She's actually on her way to Tunica to play for a few days right now, so hopefully she'll win big! We had a poker night on our annual family vacation a few weeks ago, and although both Roz and I play pretty often, she whooped both of us. She was the big winner, I came in second.

Believe me when I say it, she slow played two pair like a champ! Becker has a shirt that says, "I'd check raise my own grandmother", and in my case, you'd better believe I would! She'd expect nothing less.

It's nice to know that when I'm 91, I'll still be giving those crazy kids a run for their money!