Let me preface this post by telling you that I LOVE to travel. I love seeing new things and people, I love shooting in new locations, and I love that my career is going well enough that people want me to do this!

Someone posted a comment on this blog (that I deleted) about how they're sorry the economy is so slow that I have nothing to post. While I appreciate the sympathy, the problem isn't the economy, it's the fact that wedding season is here full force! As a destination wedding photographer, this means that I have lots of traveling to do, and this happens to be the busiest travel schedule I've ever had. It started in July and goes until mid-November. Because of this, posting here is a little bit slower right now, but I promise, I'm working on it! In case you are wondering , here's what my July to November travel schedule looks like right now (and there may even be one or two surprise trips that aren't listed yet!


Some of these are places I've just been, but most are up coming! As of right now, here's what the next six to eight weeks looks like:

So. Cal (home base)
New Orleans-workshop
Monroe, LA-wedding
Big Island of Hawaii-wedding

Coming up in the next year are trips to (so far)

North Carolina-visit
South Africa-wedding

So please try to be forgiving if posting is a tad bit lighter than usual! Until I can actually have 10 or 12 Jessica's running around independently, one of us is taking care of everything!

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