So this afternoon I decided to drive up to Commerce Casino to play in the shootout tournament. A shootout is a format different than a regular tournament because instead of combining tables as players get knocked out, each table plays down to one winner, then all the winners play each other. Well, I won my first table so I had about two hours before the second round.

I came downstairs and found a lower limit cash game with no waiting list so I sat down. Well about half an hour later I found myself with AQ with a flop of AQ9. I bet a bit and was called. The turn was another A giving me a full boat so I checked and my opponant checked behind. The river was an 8 so I bet. The guy looked at me and said, "jackpot?", and called. I flipped my cards and so did he, and there it was! Aces full of queens for me, 8-Q of clubs for him! He had been holding J-10 of clubs, giving him Q-J-10-9-8 of clubs. It's called a bad beat jackpot when aces full of tens or better is beat by four of a kind or better, and the loser (me) gets 60% of the jackpot! It was seriously SO exciting!

I would write more but it's time for round two of the tournament. Wish me luck!

**ETA I understand that most of you have no idea what all this means, but trust me, it is good** :)