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Carolyn and I have been friends for about ten years now. When I look back on the past decade (whoa, that makes ten years sound longer, doesn't it??), I am shocked and amazed at how much I've grown up and changed. When Carolyn and I met, I was so lost with my life. I had just left the first college I attended, and was coping with the fact that I would not be one of those people who went away to school, fell in love with it, and graduated in four years. At this point, I had completed a year and a half, and the only thing I knew for sure is that there was no way I wanted to return after Christmas break. So I didn't.

I spent that semester at community college, repairing my desiccated transcript and working as a waitress in a crappy little restaurant in the mall called Spinnakers. I would say that it was one of the lowest points in my life, only surpassed at that moment by the preceding months of misery at college.

Enter Carolyn.

Carolyn (along with maid of honor Allison) was working as a hostess at the same restaurant as what was probably her first job in high school. She and Allison were about three years younger than me, which now seems like nothing but at the time seemed like a different lifetime. I have no idea why we all became friends, but I do know that these two girls made a very difficult time in my life more fun, more exciting, and just better in general! I worked at that restaurant for about a year and then ultimately transferred to NC State, where I completed my degree happily, all the while working for a local photographer and figuring out my occupational path.

Over those years, I went from 19-23 and Carolyn and Allison eventually graduated from high school and went to college as well. We stayed in touch during that time, and always managed to have a blast on breaks, summers, and weekends. So many of my good memories from those years have these girls in them!

So when I was creating my 101 in 1001 list, "Shoot Carolyn D's Wedding" (#98) was sure to make the list! I knew somehow that she would be the first to get married--the question was, to whom?! When Carolyn first told me about Chad, she had her doubts about whether they would become serious or not. But it wasn't long before the conversations changed from "maybe he's the one" to "when will he ask??". I knew then that the wedding would not be far away! Chad is an amazing person--a real gentleman. He is considerate and makes sure that everyone around him is comfortable. He is an awesome cook, a stellar fisherman, and probably a great boat captain as well--his true love (second to Carolyn, of course). I was so happy for these guys,and so excited to be part of the wedding.

I wish I 'd had time to scan in some of the old photos of the three of us, but I have been out of town and still am--I won't be home till Tuesday. I'll try to add them to this post later! For now, Congratulations to Carolyn & Chad, and enjoy the photos! Leave a little love in the comments for these guys--they deserve it!

I surprised Carolyn and showed up at the hair salon for a shot or two:

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Look at these shoes! Aren't the bows awesome??


Carolyn always looks perfect, but on her wedding day, this makeup was amazing!


This dress suited her perfectly:

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The hair looked so great on all the girls, but check out Allison's earring! One of the other bridesmaids, Krissy makes custom jewelry for weddings! You can check her site out at Designs by Krissy and contact her to make something custom for your girls!


I love this one:


Check out the bling! That pearl ring was her something borrowed:

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A close up. Don't worry Sue, I was really careful with the lace netting!

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Beautiful bride!


There was a little reception on the lawn for some neighbors to see Carolyn on her way out:


I love this limo shot:


I had to stop in and say hello to Chad before the ceremony, getting a little help from his best man here:




They are so cute together:

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Carolyn really was a perfect bride:


This bouquet was awesome. I love the color gradiation:


Me and my girls. Thanks to my mom, who was my assistant for the day for this shot!


These arrangements went perfectly with the room:


So did the cake:

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There was lots of this:


A sweet moment:


First dance:


Of course I had to steal them away for a shot or two in the good light! My favorite:

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Father daughter dances are so sweet:

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Carolyn told him not to make a big deal of the garter...




I hope you guys have the BEST life together. Can't wait to see you soon!!