I arrived in Boston and it was raining. And not just a little bit of drizzle, no way can I straighten my hair, nice cool misting--actual pouring down rain. "Oh no", I thought, as I made my way over to the salon to start shooting Hillary getting her makeup done. I shouldn't have worried though--nothing could stop Hillary and Peter's smiles that day!

This wedding was unlike many others I've shot. It was small--there were only about 10 guests--and in truth, HIllary and Peter would have been just as happy to be married with no guests on a deserted island. It was also completely free of pretense. There were no elaborate decorations, no formalities of tradition, nothing involved that wasn't very important and very sentimental to Hillary and Peter. I doubt there would even have been a cake if "Cakes" wasn't one of Hillary's nicknames from Peter!

This day was about two people committing their love and their lives to one another simply, sweetly, and truly. It was my absolute pleasure to be present at this union, and I hope you enjoy the photos! There's a gallery at the end, so stick around.

A HUGE thank you to Candice Brooke for making the trek to Boston with me and working her butt off. Another huge thank you to my cousin Steven & Megan for letting us stay in their gorgeous new house! Steven isn't a very good scrabble player, but he's a very nice person.

Hillary is a fashionista, so of course she had her Manolos:


After a makeup job at the salon


Hillary checking to see if it was still raining....it was. So the wedding was moved to inside and that was that. Not to worry, we shot a crazy day after shoot at several different locations the next day which I'll be blogging soon!


I love these shots. HIllary and Peter were telling Candice and I their story. They reminded me of the couples in "When Harry Met Sally" who are talking about their relationships:


They got ready together, which was really cool to shoot. The finishing touches:



I love this one:


So handsome!


Grabbing the bouquet to head down


Our one portrait of the day"


Peter's bowtie was so perfect! They walked in together:


The ceremony was so personal and sweet:



They they all went out to dinner! I shot a lot of BW, because the outfits, the weather, the location all just felt so old school. The dinner was held at a restaurant called Pops:


None of these are posed, just great moments at dinner:


A post dinner drink at Aquatane, a bar across the street:


I know people are going to ask, so here's a detail of Hillary's bling & purse:


Check out the gallery below--and just wait till you see the day after shoot!