I shot a very rare Monday wedding yesterday,which I want to just give you one little sneak peek of, since I won't be blogging it till later in the week! Before that, I have a fabulous 08.08.08 wedding that I shot in Napa with Becker, and Hillary & Peter's day after session,so it is going to be a couple of days till I catch up enough to blog this one.

Because this couple is from Canada, they had a very small, destination (for them) wedding at the St. Regis. As a result, there weren't a whole lot of single people there. We went down to the beach to shoot photos of the couple around sunset, and as we were on the way back up, we saw a bunch of younger girls playing volleyball who were so fascinated with Sheenah, looking so beautiful! She spontaneously decided to throw her bouquet to them instead of dragging it around on her trip! Check it out:


Congratulations Sheenah & Chris, full post coming soon!