One of the coolest things about this blog and about creating the shootsac is that both have given me the opportunity to meet and interact with people I wouldn't normally have the chance to do so with. A couple of days ago, I got an email from Matt at Shadowplay Photography in Australia, who together with his wife, Katie, created the most insane shootsac video ever.

Normally I post shootsac things on the Shootsac blog, but I was so flippin' impressed with the amount of work and awesomeness that went into this video that I wanted to share it here with you all:

Katie - Shootsac Promo - HD from Matt E on Vimeo.

Matt and Katie did this 100% on their own, unsolicited and certainly unexpected. I think it is amazing that anyone would do something so nice for me and my company, and I just adore them for it! Plus, I love their Aussie accents. Go Australia!