So, I wasn't just in Oklahoma City for kicks, although I did have a lovely time there and am looking forward to returning in September. No, I had an actual shooting reason to be there, which is Hillary & Peter's engagement session (and Hillary's bridal, but that's another post).

I first met Hillary and Peter last June at Lauren & Scott's wedding at the Four Seasons in Maui, my favorite location. I had communicated with Hillary quite a bit, because she works with Lauren's father, and one of her responsibilities at the time was helping to coordinate some details for the wedding! So Hillary and I went back and forth a few hundred or so times over contracts and plans and details, and when the day finally came, it was perfect in every way. Such is everything Hillary has a hand in planning.

One thing Hillary didn't plan though, was Peter. For a long time, Peter worked one floor below Hillary and they rarely talked. Word of his increasingly impressive work ethic and creativity did find its way to her though, and when he was considering leaving the company, she was one of the people who ended up convincing him to stay. He did end up working back in Boston though, and their relationship was built on progressively longer and more in-depth emails, phone calls, and eventually visits. It wasn't long before they knew that they were going to be together, and I happened to notice it at Lauren's wedding as well--I'll show you all a photo from that wedding in my next post and you'll see it too.

In any case, I am so excited to be shooting Hillary and Peter's very intimate, casual wedding in Boston next week, and even more so now that we've gotten to shoot these photos!

Hillary and Peter recently bought a beautiful 100 year old home which is decorated in the perfect blend of classic, modern, vintage, and funky! They have really cool art and color schemes, and it was the perfect place to start the shoot.

This one sets the mood for the whole shoot--check out Hillary's shoes--the first of FOUR pairs she wore that day! She says, "It's my thing":

**by the way, every image in this set is processed with the TOTALLY RAD ACTIONS, so if you don't have those yet, go get 'em!**


Isn't this little vignette area of the house just darling?


Such a beautiful couple:


This kitty (although I am not a cat person) was very sweet looking, although camera shy for the most part:


The upstairs bedrooms are painted these beautiful, vibrant colors!


This is the master bedroom--it's all yellow, black, and white:


So cute! I love the red shoes. My friend Beth says you can never have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes:



We took the second part of the shoot out to a field. Before I came out to Oklahoma, I had this vision of shooting them out in a beautiful field of tall grass and maybe some bales of hay or something. Hillary and Peter tried their best to explain to me that Oklahoma City is a CITY and we'd have to go looking for what I had in mind, but I was not daunted--I knew we'd find it!


Hillary and Peter have a very special connection. The love between them is almost tangible. It's this intensity between them, a comfort. Peter is so kind to Hillary--he opened the car door EVERY time, and it was so clear that his first priority was making sure that she was taken care of and comfortable. It was really sweet to watch:


There was some discussion about the two of them not knowing what to do with their hands....a few of the more interesting options:


Back to prancing around the field:



This is one of my favorites:


And this one:


This series makes me so happy! And Hillary's outfit is just so Dorothy!


This might be my favorite of the shoot. It's shot slightly out of focus (not on purpose), and has the following Totally Rad Actions: Pool Party (set 2), Warm it Up Kris (set 1), POS lens faded to 40%:


A warm BW is fun too!


I love the way Hillary looks at Peter. She just adores him and is always smiling and laughing so much whenever she is around him!


Look! It's the scene from Oklahoma that was in my head before I got there:


I have a secret about this image--I shot it in RAW. It's the only one. The sky was just SO good, and I couldn't have gotten them and it exposed correctly without the recovery available in RAW. Every other image on this blog is Jpeg though.


Except this one. This was a RAW one also. I love how calm this image is, and how relaxed:


A little sneak peek of the bridal! I'll be posting that later this week:


By the way, this is my BIRTHDAY WEEK! There's going to be a BIG SHOOTSAC sale coming probably starting on Tuesday, so keep up with the Shootsac Blog for more details on that.