I feel terrible that I haven't blogged Christina & Joe's wedding from last Saturday yet! The trouble is that they are a really special couple to me, and I chose a LOT of images to blog from their wedding, but this has been a weird week and they're not quite ready to go on the blog yet. I should have them all ready to go by tonight, but for now, here's just one little photo to hold you over till then:


In other breaking news, I leave in just a couple of hours to head to Vegas!!! I am starting playing tomorrow in the World Series of Poker Main Event, and I am SO excited (and nervous). I'll be posting some updates here, but if you want the play by play on how I'm doing beginning tomorrow at about noon PST, just go ahead and FOLLOW MY TWITTER STREAM, which I will be updating at least a few times a day, as often as I can!

Keep your eyes peeled for Christina & Joe's wedding post tonight!