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Now that that's out of the way, on to the first order of business, the poker set giveaway! That one goes to DARLA DISTEFANO, so Darla, shoot me an email with your address and I'll ship it out. Thanks to everyone who played along!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to shoot something that I don't shoot very often out here in California--a bridal session! In North Carolina, where I'm from, pretty much every bride does a bridal session prior to the wedding. For those of you who don't know, it's basically a shoot of just the bride alone, all dressed up in her hair and makeup and gown (of course), where we go out and shoot some beautiful images generally for display on the wedding day. Huge portraits used to be the custom, but more girls lately are into getting a bunch of smaller prints, and even including them in the wedding album.

Oh, and for those of you whom I know will question this--the dress gets dry cleaned before the wedding, so we're not worried about a little bit of sand!

I am so SO glad I got to do this with Thea. Thea lives in NYC and her wedding is in Oklahoma in September, so it was nice to get a chance to hang out with her and her mother who came along as well. Although Thea's mom is an art director, she showed exceptional restraint letting me run around the St. Regis shooting Thea wherever I wanted. Thanks Gail!

Anyway, on to the images.

My favorite one is actually one of the first ones we shot:


Sometimes there is a piano in the St. Regis rotunda--it was there that day, so we took advantage:


I happen to love these paintings:


Isn't Thea a gorgeous bride? She's also practically a professional dancer, ivy-league educated, hilarious, and humble. Sorry boys, she's off the market:


There's something about this one that gives it a close run for my favorite as well. I also think Thea looks like Sarah Jessica Parker from just one or two angles:


Of course we headed down to the beach!


She is really just a classic beauty:


This one is just perfection to me:


You really can't beat So. Cal light on the beach...


What is it with girls from Oklahoma? Are they all so gorgeous and brilliant? Remember Lauren's Wedding one year ago this week? Yup! Another OK girl.


How did Thea's hair stay so perfect down on the beach after hours of shooting??


There were all these seagulls on the beach and I wanted to shoot Thea running through them, but they wouldn't stay put long enough for her to even get close! However, I absolutely adore this candid shot anyway:


Thea, thanks for being an amazing model, and Gail, thanks for all of your help!

**Stay tuned for part two of this shoot, Thea's boudoir photos!**