I've been hearing from my brides more and more often these days about how they think wedding favors are silly and that guests don't really even like or take them when they leave. I personally LOVE wedding favors, particularly the edible kind, although I have more than one bottle opener in the shape of a dolphin and shot glass with a couple's name on it that don't get used very often.

Thesis Statement (hello sophomore year English class): Possibly the issue is not "guests don't like wedding favors" as much as "you picked a sucky wedding favor". Just a theory!

I came across a site that has great favors for all kinds of parties called BEAU COUP. The CEO is a friend of a friend, and through that association, I know for a fact that she is a girl with style and class. I spent a morning combing through the site and picked out a few things that I actually really liked and would be excited to get if I were a guest at a wedding or party! So going forward, once a week or every couple of weeks, I am going to give away one thing from the site that I think is awesome.

Today's item is one that ROCKS--a little Mini Travel Poker Set! Completely appropriate considering that I will be headed back to Vegas for the WSOP Main Event next Saturday. If you are a cool girl and support your man having a little fun before the wedding with his guy friends, these sets make awesome groomsmen gifts. I consider that alone to be a good enough reason to get them--you can be the girl that's cool with poker night and can beat those boys at it!!

So today, I am GIVING THIS CUTE LITTLE SET AWAY to one lucky random commenter! If you want it, leave me a comment and tell me why or who this little baby is going to! To qualify, you must leave your real name and email address. And feel free to leave a poker tip for me too!

The set is made out of red suede, it's really pretty


I like how you could play other games too--they give you a little scorepad


It even comes with chips!