A lot of you might remember Nicola's Birthday from a few months ago, a fabulous Alice in Wonderland party that any little girl would die for! Well, this time, it was her brother Jonathan's turn, and his party was definitely a chance to let boys be boys!

When I arrived at the house, there was definitely no mistaking what this party would be about...


It was amazing! I thought to myself, "those poor cones don't stand a chance". Hey you, guy bending over on the far right, I hope you like that position, because you're going to be standing that way picking up those cones a LOT today:


Jonathan is a really cool, interesting kid. Maybe it's him, or maybe it's six years old, but he's such a BOY and a kid, and at the same time so sophisticated. This was a survey of the area before the party kicked off:


But once the kids showed up, he couldn't get enough of the wild things to do! That's him holding the rope there:


The driving was the biggest hit. I was surprised by how good a driver he was!



Well, there was a crash or two:


For some of the younger kids, there was a whole lego station to play with. I giggled at the idea that some adult somewhere had to sit there and build these at some point...


Nicola enjoying herself too with some Dippin Dots!


The cake, I must say, was magnificent!



And Jonathan couldn't get enough of it:


Happy Birthday to Jonathan!