This week I am out in Vegas for some shooting and some fun! I have two shoots out here which I may or may not be able to share, I'll have to let you know on that one. However, yesterday I had a very special day, and I have to tell you about it!

First of all, I'm not one that normally believes in luck, in the sense that some people have it and some don't. I think that everyone gets pretty much the same amount of luck or unluckiness, over the course of our lives. Yesterday, I may have used up a big share of mine!

The story begins when the cab pulled up to the hotel from the airport. Becker got out of the car first and I was behind him with my camera bag and other stuff, when he looked back and said, "you'd better pick that up, it's good luck when you find money in Vegas" pointing down at a bright shiny quarter right in front of me. I kind of rolled my eyes a little bit, but I did set my stuff down to pick up the quarter, which I put in my pocket.

The line at the check in area was long, so instead of checking in, we left our bags at the bell desk and went to grab some lunch at a new place called Mainland, a futuristic noodle joint. Very delicious! After that we headed back to check and see if the line for the rooms was shorter yet, when we turned the corner and BEHOLD, like a beacon in the night, like a mirage in the parched desert, was the item of my dreams...

A FREE chocolate fountain with mountains of strawberries for dipping right there in the middle of the hallway! Why was it there?! What was it for?! Why was it free?! These questions briefly ran through my head but were soon overwhelmed by my intense need for chocolate and fruit, which I enjoyed for the next several minutes. Observe:


After that, we checked into the room (at the new hotel, Palazzo, very nice and a very large suite--their regular rooms are awesome!) and headed over to the Rio, the site of this year's WSOP. Most people only know about the main event, which costs $10,000 to play in because it's televised and they make a big stink, but there are actually 55 events taking place between last week and July. Because of this, there are "sit-n-go's", one table tournaments that start whenever 10 people are sitting, going on all the time. When you win those, you win chips good for entering events.

In any case, we decided to play one of those--and I WON! I thought it was easy, so I played again, and I WON THAT ONE TOO! Here is a photo Becker shot of me defeating my opponent:


Thinking it was too good to be true, I decided to quit while I was ahead and we went to dinner. Afterwards, we headed downtown to check out The Grand, the new poker room there. It was a big change from the big, professional rooms at the Rio and Caesars, where we normally play, but they had sit-n-go's as well. I played in another one and WON THAT TOO!

So I'm three for three so far here in Vegas, all thanks to my lucky quarter (or not)! Today I'm shooting, but then it's back to the Rio, where I'll attempt to win more with the hopes of making enough to get a free buy-in to the main event this summer. Wish me luck!