**there is a gallery of more images at the very end of this post, so make sure to scroll all the way down!**

Settle in readers, this is a long post! On Saturday, I had the opportunity to shoot an amazing wedding for an extraordinary couple with an absolute dream team of vendors. The wedding was a bit of a departure for me, photographically speaking, but it was gorgeous and glam all the way, and I feel so great about how these images turned out!

First, to give credit where it is certainly due, Angel Swanson did an unreal job coordinating this wedding! I've been wanting to work with Angel forever, and I'm so glad that I finally got the opportunity. I hope this is just the first of many weddings I get to work on with her, because she is SO great to work with. She pulled together Kristin from A Treasured Petal, Wildflower Linens (Monika had custom linens done that were just incredible), and Julie Hill and Doug B. from Elysium Productions, my absolute favorite videographer.

I had a dream team of my own, with second shooting by Braedon and Mark Brooke. These guys are so fun to hang out with and shoot such stellar work!

Anyway, I knew fairly early on that this wedding was going to be amazing. You might remember Monika & Nicholas from their engagement session in NYC a few months back, as well as the promo video they did for me. It's permanently posted in my About Jessica section on this blog, but here it is in case you haven't seen it:

Since then, Monika and I have communicated frequently about wedding plans and other random things, so I had a bit more influence in some of the details of this wedding than I normally get. It is so cool to have seen the whole thing come together, and Monika's impeccable sense of style really shine through.

In the past few weeks, Monika had sent me a bunch of photos that she was interested in capturing the feeling of. If you see the post I made right before this one, you'll see one example. I realized that what she really wanted were photos that had a traditional, glam, 40's kind of feel with a modern twist, which was a fun challenge to throw myself into! As a result, I shot a lot more BW at this wedding, and the processing of most of the images is done to give them a slightly aged feel. I hope I did it justice, because it was truly stunning.

Monika had a surprise for everyone--a netted veil she wore only for the portrait session between the church and party:


Her bouquet was simple and fresh, with interesting flowers and a green ribbon:


Getting all gussied up--I liked the light in these:


Monika and NIcholas are both blessed with really great friends. Here's a few of the ladies getting ready:


Helping Monika:


A little help from Mom too:


The dress. Yum. I do love a good detail:


Heading off to the church!


Monika was truly a stunning bride.


One of my all time favorite portraits:


Nicholas was so dapper and handsome. I LOVED this tie:


He is such a good sport and indulged Monika's desire for lots of photos with a good natured smile and attitude all day:


The couple was married at the aptly named St. Monica's Catholic Church:






They had this great old Rolls Royce to play with:


These two are my faves of the day:


We headed over to Casa Del Mar to try to sneak in and get a few shots on their beautiful staircases:



Mark thought up this one--he wanted to shoot a pose that was very Mafia-esque:


Then we walked down to Santa Monica pier, shooting along the way:


I do love these two:


That hat! Amazing!!


I couldn't resist a little JC color though:


Last shot on the pier:


A sexy car photo:


Aren't these linens to DIE for??


The first dance was absolutely spectacular. Nicholas and Monika are awesome dancers and they did a swing number as an entrance. I'm not even going to bother posting my photos, you just have to watch the Elysium video of the dance:

After which they did a regular first dance that was simple and beautiful:


A cake cutting (that ended in a little cake smashing, but this post is too long winded already)


Nicholas did eventually find the garter!


Monika & Nicholas, congratulations! I hope you have an amazing time on your month long walkabout, and that you come back refreshed and ready to tackle the next steps of your life. I'm so glad you'll be here in California!

**Braedon & Mark, THANK YOU!!** Aren't they cute in their shootsacs & vests?