Yesterday I photographed a wedding for a couple I adore for quite a few reasons, but because there are SO many images I need to go through, I may not be able to blog them all for a day or two and I wanted to share one little story with you NOW!

A few weeks ago, Monika emailed me a photo of her Grandmother & Grandfather's wedding and asked that I shoot something similar of her and Nicholas--a more formal, traditional feeling photograph. Since I'm feeling like traditional in that way is almost retro and cool now, and I like the idea, I started thinking about it, and figured that since we didn't need to copy the photo exactly to capture the mood of it, I took a little bit of creative freedom with the concept. Here's the original,and my version following:



The cool part of the story is that AS we were doing this at the rectory next door to the church, a couple walked by who had gotten married on that same day at that church 50 years ago and decided to come by to celebrate their anniversary! The woman had a bag with her wedding photo on it as well:


The golden anniversary couple and the newlyweds:


Maybe it's just me, but I think it's just one of many signs of great things to come for Monika and Nicholas! Stay tuned for a TON of photos from this wedding in the next day or two!