You might remember Lindsay because of her super fun awesome wedding last year which I photographed. Her husband Braedon also second shoots for me sometimes, so I've gotten to know these guys pretty well. I was totally surprised last year when Braedon mentioned one day that Lindsay's dream was to have her own pilates studio, because at the time, working out was such a foreign concept to me that I could not understand the idea that someone I knew would want to work out for a living! Now, a year later, Lindsay has her own place to take on clients in Costa Mesa and I am LOVING it!

Lindsay is one of those people that is just so sweet and patient that it makes you want to work harder. She's also in killer shape--when she demonstrates the exercises I'm supposed to do, she makes it look so easy, than I get on the table and sort of grunt and flop around. Anyway, she's awesome so if you are looking to take pilates in the OC area, you should DEFINITELY email her: so she can fill you in on price and all that good stuff.

Her website is currently in development so she asked me to take some photos of her to fill it up when it launches--here's a sneak peek:

We shot a few headshots first:




Showing off her moves--this series was processed with my new favorite action called Pool Party! It's a member of the next set of Totally Rad Actions that isn't out yet, but it's coming soon and I got a little sneak peek..


I actually got to put my two cents in on the new action set since Doug Boutwell happens to live in my neighborhood. This next set was processed with one he wrote for me, called Clare-ify (I LOVE that name!)


Ya'll email Lindsay and take a class--she's great!