**to clarify--you do not have to HAVE your session before july 4th, you just have to book it before then**


This is a weird post for me to write, but here it is. I am SWAMPED with emails from you all. I absolutely love hearing from everyone, and I tried hard to do the blogstalker Q&A for awhile, but honestly, it is really hard to keep on top of and I just end up feeling bad about it when I am able to do so little.

Most of the emails I get are super sweet and polite and go something like this:

"...I know you're busy but if you wouldn't mind answering just this ONE question...", which would totally be FINE, if my mailbox where I keep mail from photographers didn't look like this:


Over 600 of you each just asking one question adds up to quite a lot of time, and more questions than I can possibly stay on top of. And this is only emails from people who sent them since January! I swear, I have good intentions with these emails, and I would love to write back to everyone, but it's so far over my head at this point that I really only have one option left:

I am now offering Shoot the Sh*t Consulting on a VERY limited basis! Here's the deal:

Between NOW and JULY 4TH I will be opening up my schedule as much as possible for people who want to come and learn from me. I will be doing this ONLY on a private and VERY small group basis (4 people at one time MAX). You can schedule a session for later in the year, but I must have you on my schedule before July 4th.

As an added incentive, if you book a session by June 6th, my mother's birthday, you can take $75 off any phone or one hour in-person session, or $300 off any half day or full day session.

I believe that connecting with people one on one or in very small groups is the absolute best way for me to give you information, and for you to get the information you need the most. While I will likely never do another large group seminar (besides Image X which I didn't have to organize or plan myself),
having a conversation with you about how I can help you further your business is really exciting to me, so I'm really stoked to finally be doing this!

For a complete list of offerings and an email address to book a session, **CLICK HERE**, PASSWORD: consult2008

Some things we can chat about: