You may have seen this photo already if you made your way over to Nathan's Blog, but I realized that I forgot to post this one of me holding Gwyneth! We were at the hospital and I was shooting, when all of a sudden Nathan asked if I wanted to hold her! I totally did, but I never would have asked, so that was very exciting. I felt very honored to literally be touching a miracle like her. She must have known I was a little nervous because she actually got really quiet and happy, even though she was hungry!


One other thing about the shoot--and this was REALLY cool. We had gone back and forth a few times about which day and time to shoot because Gwyneth would be leaving soon and they had a lot going on, but we eventually settled on Monday, the last day I was in town. When I woke up that morning at my mom's house in Apex, it was cloudy and overcast, but I figured, hey, we'd use umbrellas. I was a bit sad though that I would have no glorious backlight for the photos of Nathan and Tricia.

I started driving out towards Durham and saw a TINY clearing miles away, but I wasn't even hoping for sun at that point, just no rain would have been fine. I arrived about half an hour early, and it was still very gloomy. When Nathan and Tricia pulled into the parking lot though, the second Tricia got out of the car (and I am NOT EVEN KIDDING about this), the sun came out of nowhere and it stayed sunny for the whole shoot, about 40 minutes. Then it got cloudy again and stayed that way for the rest of the day.

Coincidence? You decide.