You might remember Ami and Scott from a session we did down in Laguna Beach earlier in the year! I am shooting their 10 year vow renewal at the very end of this year, and since they didn't have the opportunity to plan something fantastic when they actually got married, they are making up for lost time! When Ami found out that I would be in their current city of Chicago, she asked if I would be able to shoot with them again, this time in their native land. Of course I was happy to oblige--I love shooting in new places!

A few notes about this shoot for all of you out there:

1. There is AT LEAST one Kubota action on every single image: **Pick up Kubota's Actions here**

2. There is AT LEAST one Boutwell action on every single image also. I think "warm it up kris" is actually on all the color images as well. Sometimes shooting in open shade like I do causes images to look a bit too blue, and that action is a perfect quick fix for that. **Get yourself some TOTALLY RAD actions here**

3. Ami has an awesome wedding planning blog herself, which you can check out **HERE**

That said, on to the photos!

Ami and Scott asked if they could bring a friend with them--their baby Charlie! Charlie is a very sweet dog who is definitely the baby of the family:


I thought he needed a few shots of his own:


He does tricks! He can slap a high-five when Ami says, "go Braves"!!


But Ami and Scott deserved a few photos of them together also:



One of my faves:


Chicago has some nice light! I am pretty sure I brought it with me from California though:


A detail:


We ducked into this cool looking restaurant for a second:


We also stopped to get poor Charlie some water (he prefers Fiji water, thank you very much):


Then he was ready to go again!


I saw this green door--hello beautiful!



Saw this little spot on the way back:


I wanted to get a few closer in shots also:



Chicago has great looking houses and old buildings:


My favorite:


Ami & Scott, thank you for including me into your lives! I can't wait to see you again in Atlanta!