There are a few questions I get pretty frequently about my photography, but one of the most prevalent is "How do you get your photos so sharp?".

The answer is simple: Kevin Kubota (give it a sec to load).

There are a couple of action sets, I like, namely, Kevin Kubota's actions, and the Totally Rad actions by the Boutwells, which I will feature in a future before/after post. For today, I'm going to focus on Kevin.

I've been using the Kubota actions for quite a few years now. I have found that with actions, it's best to keep things simple and not do too much at one time--Photoshop isn't a license to try to turn a bad image isn't a good one. It can, however, turn a good image into a great one.

One of my favorite actions is Magic Sharp, which I believe is in the Production set (the yellow icon if you go to the store in the link above). Check out the before/after:


Another one I've been using for a long time is the KevXprocess Combo. Here you see the before/after with it faded to about 60% (with magic sharp added to both the before/after):


One more I like a lot is the Fuji Snappit, which boosts the color. The after shot (the one on the bottom) has both that and the 81K warming filter on it to bump it up a bit:


The difference is subtle but snappy! Anyway, if you are looking for some good actions, you should try out Kubota's. His actions are just so good for basic things. I would recommend just getting the whole big pack of them if you can, but if you can't, the Artistic Tools and Production Tools are great.

**GET 'EM HERE**! (don't forget to give it a second or two to load). I also hear his digital bootcamp is amazing, which you can also sign up for there on page 2 of the cart.

Next week, I'll be sharing how I incorporate the Totally Rad actions into my post production style!