To thank Becker for coming with me to Andrea & Scott's wedding, I managed to rent him a Canon 1dsMkIII, Canon's newest brainchild. We've both been considering whether or not to purchase this piece of equipment, and at over $8000, it's a big purchase to make not knowing how it performs!

I was able to use the fabulous company of Borrow Lenses dot com:


It was SO easy to use them! i just punched in what I wanted, when I wanted it, and for how long, and they shipped it right out to me. The box came with a self addressed, stamped pack to use to return it, which couldn't have been easier. I also really like how their website is super simple to use.

I always get the question from new photographers of what lenses to buy. The answer is now, go rent a few and see what you feel comfortable with!

If you want to try out a camera or some lenses, I highly recommend you use Borrow Lenses. Next, I'm going to try out the 45mmTS!

Oh, and if you punch in the code JCS5 when you check out, you'll save a few $$ off your order.

For a full review of the 1dsMkIII, check out Becker's 1dsMkIII video review on the bschool.