As a photographer, I get a very close, if limited view of many different couples and their relationship. I am around people on one of the most intimate days of their lives, and it tends to bring people to a different level almost immediately. One of the things that impressed me about Serena & Jeremy's relationship right off the bat, I'm not sure Serena even knows. They came in to meet with me and decided to book me. They selected one of my lower packages, figuring that they'd work out the details of upgrades and all that later on. Well, sometime in between that meeting and the actual contract signing, Jeremy came back to me and chose a larger package and said, "That's the one we really want and I just don't want Serena to have to worry about anything". It may seem like a simple statement, but it said so much. He's looking out for her even when she doesn't know it, and he just wants to give her what she wants. I found that so sweet and endearing.

The wedding day was like Serena--beautiful, casual, personal, and relaxed. Although they had over 800 guests at the church and at least 500 at the reception at Union station, they somehow managed to give their wedding an intimate feel, and it never seemed overwhelming with all the people at all. It was hot--90 degrees at least, but Serena and Jeremy were cool as can be.

There were TONS of photos I wanted to blog, but I've settled for just posting a few and putting a gallery of my favorite 65 or so down below. Definitely take the time to look through them--our walk through Chinatown was awesome! The slideshow is at the VERY END of this post.

Serena & Jeremy, I hope you are having a wonderful time in the Cook Islands and you are not looking at this entry till you're back on American soil :)

Jeremy's casual Chuck Taylors:


Serena with her less comfortable but oh-so-hot RED shoes! My friend Beth says you can never have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes:


I wanted to make a couple of very simple portraits:


Okay, I had the guys lift Jeremy up so I could get a shot of his shoes, which they did. Then JOKINGLY I told them to toss him in the air, and they actually did it! I love obedient men :)


I was going to shoot the whole bridal party here, but when the boys filled in first, I had to grab a shot of just them. They looked so cute in their matching shoes:


Serena about to get married!


Jeremy was excited too:


I LOVE this ring shot. I never do creative ring shots, but I couldn't resist this one:


Do you really think I'd pass up a bright green wall with black scrolling?


Yummy color and lanters:


We took the metro from the church to Union station and I snapped this quick one while we were waiting. It turned out to be one of my favorites!


But what kind of photographer would I be if I didn't shoot a few at the station:


First dance:


You know you're having a big wedding when you FILL union station!




I had the absolutely honor of convincing Candice & Mark Brooke to shoot with me! They are awesome and amazing and fabulous in every way, except when they ruin my self portraits:


Aren't they cute?


Last thing before I show you the slideshow. I don't like shooting family photos and generally try to do it as quickly and casually as possible. HOWEVER, there are times when it's necessary to shoot a group church shot (like, once a year), and yes, I do know how to do this and am willing to oblige under special circumstances. I am a firm believer in knowing how to light groups and understanding the mechanics of lighting in a pinch. However, Serena and Jeremy used up my one formal session of the year so you won't see this from me again till at least next year:

**ETA--it's not that I don't do formal photos normally, I just do them very informally! Usually outside, casual, not super posed in church**


Enjoy the slideshow!