Yesterday, I took a trip up to Santa Monica Pier to shoot an engagement session for Katherine and Ben. Not having met them before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, which sometimes adds a little pressure! Imagine showing up and having some crazy redheaded girl start shooting photos of you at machine warp speed--it can be jarring! Good thing for me that Katherine and Ben were complete naturals, and since my style of shooting is basically to just walk around and see what we can find that looks good, we were in the perfect location to shoot some great photos!

This couple is so awesome--they have a chemistry and a rapport that is absolutely infections and all three of us were laughing through pretty much the entire shoot. Considering that within the first three minutes I was informed that Katherine was the "whack a mole" international champion, I knew that we'd get along great. It was just too bad that they weren't at all cute:


nope, not at all:


You know it's going to be a good shoot when this is the first photo you take, pretty much:


I wanted to see Katherine's skills in action:


Ben coaching her pre-game:


Just so you know, there WAS another person playing who was definitely not in the mood to let Katherine win just for the photo op. However, she still holds her title with a clutch win in the last 30 seconds:


Back to our regularly scheduled shoot:


Ben will always be there to catch her when she falls...up?


But that's not going to stop him from having some fun!


Or being a great model:


They play together in an indoor soccer league so it was only appropriate to play a little game of tackle soccer:


They we headed down to the water:


I love the whole mood of this one:


And this one:


If you go to the beach with me, there is a very good chance that this might happen to you. Ben seems to be tolerating it a bit better than Katherine:


But hey, if you're already soaked, may as well get a great shot or two:



Yes, there was sacrifice:


Just to show you a little more of their personalities before I sign off for the weekend:


Check out the slideshow below to see more from this shoot! I'm shooting Serena & Jeremy's wedding this weekend, so I'll be back either Sunday night or Monday with a fresh wedding. Katherine and Ben, thanks so much for being awesome, and being great sports!