Welcome to the new and improved Jessica Claire Blog!! I must say, it's been hard to wait for this day, but I'm so excited to finally share all of the hard work that has gone into this site with you. There's lots of cool features around, and there will be even more added in the next little while, so poke around, check things out, and leave lots of comments!

A couple thank you's:

1. Tim Holmes and Erik Svendsen of Reddoor. The team behind this entire design, Tim came up with everything from the logo to the navigation, to the gallery spacing and he is AWESOME. I know some of you out there are dubious about spending $$ for good branding and a logo when there are people out there that charge less, but with Reddoor, you get what you pay for. Every detail is executed SO well, and this is just the online presence. Wait till you see the tangible stuff :)

2. Brock Martin of Infinet Design. He programmed this whole thing and has the patience of a saint. If you need a blog, a website, a blogsite, or whatever, hire him immediately. Don't try to knock this blog off though, because Brock is also very ethical and he won't let you. He's the guy who can turn your ideas into real life!

I know some of you are going to miss the pink sun, but don't worry--I have a plan for it and it's not lost forever. Soon it will be representing something of its very own...


**we're still working out just a kink or two, so be patient while we get it all straight over the next day or two**