I am finally home from Vegas! The thing about WPPI that makes it different from all the other conventions throughout the year is definitely the social element--it's a 24/7, up all night, don't sit down for a second PARTY! While this is fun, it definitely makes me want to sit around and do nothing for a good day or two (or three) when I get home.

The livebooks talk went great! It was great to see so many people come out for that, including Becker, who shot these photos for me:



I was really out in Vegas for Shootsac though, which went REALLY well! I love being at our booth meeting people and hanging out, and it was especially fun to do that this time with the new covers we just launched a few weeks ago. Here's me wearing one of them--Becker shot this last time we were in Vegas, but it still works!


One of the nights I was there, I went to the Bludomain party at the CRAZIEST house ever! Here's a few photos I stole off the Blu Blog of us at our blackjack tournament. Steve Bebb won, and Jen won the bowling contest at last year's blu party also. I'm going to whoop them next year! This is Jen Bebb, Mike & Julie Colon, me, and Becker:


Here's B, Denis Reggie, and Mike:


The last night of Vegas was the annual [ b ] party, which is always a blast. I spent some time hanging with one of my favorite people, Joe Photo, but I lost him for awhile and look at what happened with Mike Colon in the FotoCabina: (AVERT YOUR EYES IF YOU DON'T LIKE PARTIAL MALE NUDITY:


As you can see, all of us photographers here in the OC are good friends. If only they were wearing shootsacs--for my new ad campaign!

There are SO many great shots from the b party photo booth, so stay tuned for that in the next few days.

Get this--I really didn't get to play much poker in Vegas, so I went and played a satellite yesterday to relax. A satellite is a one table tournament that wins you a seat into a bigger tournament, AND I WON!! I won myself a seat into today's $2600 tournament at The Bicycle Casino, which is their main event. Wish me luck--I'll be updating this afternoon as I go, so you can track my progress here!