You may have noticed that I didn't do a Shoot the Sh*t episode this past week--I decided to do an episode where I talked about something photography related instead for once! Don't worry--I won't be doing that again--Shoot the Sh*t will resume this coming Sunday. For now though, you can check out a little video of me talking about my style and developing one of your own right here on the B School Blog

So with WPPI right around the corner, I want to make sure that you all come by and see me at the SHOOTSACbooth! We are in the main tradeshow in the smallest of the three main rooms (see below), in booth number 2002:


I'll be there on Monday at 11am, so come by and say hi! Also, if you are a self proclaimed BLOGSTALKER, Becker came up with a great t-shirt just for you:


If you want to buy one of these sweet cozy t's, CLICK THIS HERE LINK RIGHT NOW. If you order one, you can pick it up at the shootsac booth!