You might remember a little shoot I did for Drew Bittel and her husband, Chuck. Here was one of the shots from that shoot:


The weirdest thing happened--it turns out that Drew wasn't just eating lots of pies and ice cream, there was actually a BABY in there, and he came out the other day! February 12th to be exact, and weighing over 8 pounds. I know that this will sound stupid, but it is so weird that babies can actually live inside you and then they come out and there was this whole person growing in there. Weird.

Anyway, I got to meet Drew and Chuck's new little guy, Brayden, on Saturday and he is such a FANTASTIC baby! First of all, he is adorable, which I knew he would be. He was also an excellent model, which he also was at the maternity shoot. He let us move him around and do what we wanted for the most part, and only peed on Chuck one time, which wasn't too bad.

The best time to shoot newborns is at about two weeks, and as Brayden was 12 days old at this time, it was the absolute perfect day for a session. It rained, so we kept him in and played around the house a bit. Here's what we got:

Brayden is just a perfect little guy!


And Drew looks so at home being a new mommy:


First little family photo:


I love the feeling of this one. I can't wait for Brayden to look at it when he's all grown up.


His room is so peaceful:


Why do I love this photo? Because Chuck is changing the diaper!


He'll be serving about 1 year in prison:


He looks so tiny here!


Check out the little UCLA mobile. He started to get a bit fussy but as soon as they put him in the crib and turned the mobile on, he calmed right down:


I think he looks exactly like Chuck in this photo:


I love this one:


And this one:


Hauggy, the family dog, is adjusting to his new brother:


A new position that Brayden liked:


This was shot on the infamous white couch from the maternity session:


I became interested in their family from Hauggy's perspective:


Chuck and Drew giving some love to their first born while Brayden tries to figure out what's going on:


Great news for Brayden, not so much for Hauggy:


That's it! We tired the little guy out:


I do love this shot of me with Brayden that Drew shot--I'm like the baby whisperer: