Last week, I shot a great maternity session for Maajed and his wife, Tahaane, who are expecting baby Carolina pretty soon! I adored them immediately. They are so excited for the birth of their first baby, and boy, are they ever prepared! They are such kind, genuine people that this baby is so lucky to be getting them as parents. Carolina is going to have a wonderful childhood and life, and is wanted SO much.

Wouldn't you want to live in this room?! By the way, "Carolina" is pronounced Carol LEENA, not like the state, Carolina.



Maajed's grandmother did this needlepoint and wasn't able to complete it before she passed. However, look how cool it is that her actual needle is still in there in the lower left!


We shot a bit in other parts of the house:


But I kept wanting to come back to the baby's room:


I thought we should incorporate Carolina's already large collection of stuffed animals:


I love this shot of Tahaane:


After a quick session at the house, we went over to Mecca, which some people refer to as Fashion Island here in Newport Beach:


Can you find THREE kiddos in this photo? ;)


So sweet! You know, we had to be really careful of where we shot on this merry-go-round, because some of the animals on there were very creepy!


Probably not Carolina's first shopping trip, but it is the first documented one:


They have these spitting fountains at Fashion Island, so it was a good opportunity to splash!



Last one--a nice clean portrait. I think Tahaane looks absolutely beautiful here:


Good luck with the baby, and I can't wait to meet little Carolina!