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Time for a new weekly feature on my blog--Shoot the Sh*t with Jessica (yes, of course I bleeped out the word Shot!) ;)

Once a week, I'm going to just talk about things going on in my life, updates, info, and maybe answer a question or two from a photographer as part of the Blogstalker Q&A series I was doing for awhile.

For today's episode, the big thing that is going on is that the shootsac blast went out last night! Right now all covers on the shootsac site are 50% off including the 12 new ones (see below) as well as all the old faves. Shootsacs are now $149 for the next few days also, so this is a good time to buy. **CLICK HERE TO BUY SHOOTSAC STUFF**

Here's a look at the new covers:


In other news, this is the exact date of the ONE YEAR anniversary of my blog! Today, my blog and I will be celebrating our love for one another. I'm going to take it shopping this afternoon, of course to my favorite store, Anthropologie. After that, I've gone to the grocery store already to pick up ingredients for our favorite meal to cook, chicken piccata with asparagus and brown rice and we're going to have a lovely, candlelit dinner together. Then, we are going to watch Lost. One year and we're going strong!


What else is going on in my world? Well, for one thing, I am now month to month at my townhouse. I would really like to buy a house this year, but I'm not sure it's the best time yet. The people who own this house want to move back in, so we're basically just going month to month until someone decides that they want to move in or I decide to move out. I want to keep that going as long as possible though, because every month I stay here is another month I don't have to make the decision to rent for another year or buy! Where I come from, a new house costs about $200,000 and here it would be at least 4 or 5 times that, which I don't know if I can handle or even afford myself. So the longer I can stay here and save, the better position I'll be in later. If anyone has any thoughts about what to do, they'd be much appreciated!


My New Years' Resolutions--some are going well, some not so much. I've actually lost about 4 lbs, which is good, but it seems to come and go at will (it's OWN will, not mine). I have made a new friend or two, but the positive thinking and acting has been the biggest challenge. I'm hoping that's something that will come in time though!


Photographer Question: How do you shoot at 1.0 and still get a sharp photo?

This is probably the biggest question I got about the wedding posted below--how I'm shooting at such wide apertures and still getting a nice sharp, crispy photo? Ya'll seemed to like the tech specs, so I'll probably do that again, but it looks like now I have to explain a few things!

The answer is really PRACTICE. When you see photos on this blog, it's not even close to the first time I've tried that thing, normally. I always shoot at wide f-stops, so I'm used to doing it by now. I do end up with quite a few out of focus photos at the end of the day, but when I nail it, I really nail it.

Also, and I don't know why this is, but when you get further away, the depth of field seems to expand a bit. So if I'm super close to my subject at 1.0, I get less in focus than if I back up a bit. So when I'm shooting close, the most important thing is to focus on the correct thing, which is the eyes. Not the lashes, but the actual pupil of the eye. When you're back a few feet, you can focus on any part of the eye or eyebrow and you're probably okay. Afterwards, I process the image, then run Kevin Kubota's "magic sharp" action on the final thing. It's a tricky thing--shooting so wide, and I don't think it looks great unless you also know how to use light, which is even more important, but for me, the rewards are worth the ones where I miss.

Oh and for the people that had the questions about the 50mm 1.0 lens--they don't make it anymore. It's kind of slow and VERY heavy--even heavier than the 1.2 that I have and love. However, the one DJ has is a little piece of history, having been owned by Denis Reggie, so I wasn't going to pass up the chance to use it. I REALLY want to use it again. The only way that will probably happen is if I can con DJ into letting me shoot HIS wedding someday. I guess I'll beg when the time comes!


Okay, that's all I can think of for this week's "Shoot the Sh*t with Jessica". Hey, it's a slow week--it's February! If you have any good gossip or things going on that you think I should talk about here next week, let me know!