This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a gorgeous wedding with David Jay, also assisted by Kristen and Josh. DJ is a good friend to me, as well as an inspiration through the way he lives his life as well as what he's done with his business.

One of the coolest things he's done (so far) is create the slideshow program I use on this blog, showit. Lots of you have emailed me and asked how I do my slideshows, and it is using DJ's slideshow software, SHOWIT. Showit has made my slideshow making process so easy and cool--and the best part is that now clients can just go online and order DVD's of the shows you see here on this blog. So cool! So **CLICK HERE** to buy showit.

***BONUS OFFER FOR SHOWIT*** If you use type in the word shootsac when you are checking out it GIVES YOU $50 OFF!!! Another thing you should get while you're at it and have a discount is Showit Effects. It pulls up a pallette in photoshop so you can run through your slideshow images super quick and make them look great. DJ did it at the wedding and it was SO fast! Now I understand how he always does a slideshow!!

Anyway, back to the wedding--it was unbelievable. It took place at the gorgeous Firestone Vineyard, a place I've heard of and actually wanted to visit but never had the chance. The couple, Rod and Brittany were incredible. They met in Haiti, where they both work at an orphanage for children that don't have the advantages we have here. It's really amazing that two people from different sides of the world, Brittany from here and Rod from Australia would end up in the same place and find each other that way. So cool!

I got to pretty much shoot whatever I wanted because I was really only second (or third or fouth) shooting, so of course I focused on the bride and the details! I love shooting with no real pressure, it's great! Below are a few of my favorites. At the very bottom of the post is a slideshow. I have it set up as a gallery, so if you want to just scroll through, you can click the arrow to go to the next photo. If you want to watch as a slideshow, just hit play!!

Also, this post, I'm going to try something new, and give the tech specs for each photo. Since I basically used one lens and one setting all day on Saturday, it's not going to be that interesting!:

Getting ready: 50mm, 400ISO, 1/400, 1.0. Yes, that's right, I said 1.0. DJ is the current possessor of Denis Reggie's famed Canon 50mm 1.0mm lens, which I used most of the day on Saturday. I'm in love!


The dress was a stunning Monique Lhuillier that suited Brittany perfectly:

50mm, 500ISO, 1/400, 1.0:


I was the only one allowed in the getting ready room as Brittany prepared:

50mm, 500ISO, 1/200, 1.0:


Once the girls came back, I think they were impressed:

50mm, 500ISO, 1/400, 1.0:


The bouquet, by the always wonderful Wildflower Linens:

50mm, 500ISO, 1/6400, 1.0:


A gorgeous bride. She sure doesn't look like a missionary here!

50mm, 500ISO, 1/3200, 1.0:


70-200 2.8mm shot at 153mm, 100ISO, 1/640, 2.8:


My favorite portrait of Brittany:

50mm, 100ISO, 1/2500, 1.2:


Waiting for her dad to come and take her down the aisle:

24mm 1.4, 640ISO, 1/160, 2.8:


50mm, 640ISO, 1/1250, 2.8:


Nervous..excited..and ready to go!

50mm, 640ISO, 1/1250, 2.8:


Last walk as a single girl:

70-200mm 2.8IS at 165mm, 250ISO, 1/4000, 2.8:


The bride's parents are absolutely wonderful people. The mom in particular was really special. Her name is Joy, and she truly personifies her name:

70-200mm 2.8IS, 250ISO, 1/1320, 2.8:


The minister is Rod's father, which was very moving. A prayer:

70-200mm 2.8IS, 250ISO, 1/800, 2.8:


And they're married!

50mm, 50ISO, 1/12000, 1.0:


Second shooting some portraits:

70-200mm 2.8IS shot at 200mm, 50ISO, 1/250, 2.8:


You know I can't pass up some flare:

50mm, 50ISO, 1/320, 2.8:


A quiet moment:

50mm, 250ISO, 1/400, 1.2:


First dance!

50mm, 640ISO, 1/125, 1.2:


The band was fantastic--lots of swing dancing and a good time:

50mm, 1250ISO, 1/160, 1.0:


What's better than a cake cutting at 1.0??

50mm, 1250ISO, 1/100, 1.0:


Video flare!

50mm, 1250ISO, 1/60, 1.0:


Congratulations Rod and Brittany, and thank to DJ and crew for letting me tag along! Here's a slideshow of a few more in you are interested. As I said, hit play to hear it with music, or just hit the arrow to scroll through: