First of all, the wedding I was booked for on May 10th just let me know that they are hitting the road and getting married somewhere tropical so I'll be shooting their wedding a few months later on a beach somewhere, but I am now OPEN on May 10th. So if you are a bride who contacted me for that date, or want to have me shoot your wedding on that date, shoot me an email to

Anyway, without further ado, I want to share the 2nd Annual Free Wedding Contest finalists with you. There were originally going to be three, but I ended up receiving four entries that I believe merit finalist status. The winner this year will be decided by a committee of ten people I have handpicked for their stellar judgement, kindness, charitable nature, and unbiased judgement. All ten of them are far better people than I am, and are more worthy to choose. I will however, cast an 11th vote if necessary. More info on my team to come in the next couple of weeks.

If you missed out on the original entry for this contest, it is here The winner will be receiving wedding photography by me, travel expenses, an album, and a DVD of their files. Plus a couple of other goodies from people who have very generously emailed me!

So there are four couples I want to introduce you to.

Couple #1: Catherine and Steve
Wedding Location: Tupper Lake, NY

The story, sent in by Catherine:

Steve and I met in August, 2002 when we moved next door to each other in the dorms of SUNY Geneseo. For me, it was love at first sight. We both began actively pursuing a friendship that quickly grew to be much more. About a month after our first meeting, Steve asked me on our first date. That fall I was filled with joy as I floated through my days. I distinctly remember walking through campus on a crisp, clear fall day thinking,