Remember how a week or two ago I posted about my schedule for the upcoming year? Well I have another great city to add to that list--ATLANTA! Yes, I will be shooting Ami & Scott in Atlanta next New Years' Eve and after meeting them yesterday, we are going to have an absolute blast.

Fun fact about Ami and Scott--what I'm shooting for them isn't exactly a wedding--it's their 10th anniversary vow renewal! When I first received a contact from their wonderful coordinator Kim Casey of Eventologie, I got a little prematurely excited, and when I didn't hear back for awhile, I got prematurely bummed, but then they decided to book me and I got happy in a very timely manner! Ami and Scott have quite an extravaganza planned for their 50 or so guests, and I'm super excited to be a part of it. I can't tell you all the details yet, but I can mention that one day we will have Turner Field all to ourselves, there will be one event with a very bright fun color, and Ami has two dresses. For the will need to wait and watch right about this time next year.

Ami & Scott came out to California for a little visit, and shooting with me was one of the stops on their list. We headed down to Laguna Beach to shoot some fun beachy photos. Since this couple is living in Chicago, it was a nice change of weather for them.

You might notice that they are very young for this to be a vow renewal--that's because those crazy kids eloped the first time around, so now that they are a little older, a little wiser, and a little better funded, they are having the time of their lives with the planning process. Check it out:

Amy's blue eyes are sure going to stand out when she wears her wedding dress(es):


A typical Laguna Beach day:


We had great light yesterday. It's been awhile since I've shot down at the beach--I kind of missed it!


We had to encourage Scott a little bit, but didn't he do an awesome job?


And the sun cooperated quite nicelly too!


We had to wander out on these rocks to avoid the other beach visitors, but it was worth it:


So many sweet moments!


Amy mentioned that she loves textured photos, so I worked on a few for her:



Look how clear it was yesterday:


Two of my favorites:




Last one


By the way, Ami is a blogger herself! Check her out, Ami's Blog

Thanks so much for shooting with me, and can't wait till the wedding!