**if you click on the link below to last year's contest, do NOT send email to that old address, it will not work. send your entries in to info@jcsphoto.com with the subject: 2008 Free Wedding

Last year, I ran a contest to give away free wedding photography to a lucky couple. I ended up shooting all three of the finalists weddings for free, which was a wonderful experience and I was able to meet so many awesome people because of it. You can read about the contest HERE

So I've decided to do it again this year (but this year I will only be doing ONE wedding for free, no matter what).

So here's the deal:

Email in the story of a couple who really deserves free photography for their wedding. You can even send in your own story! You MUST attach a photo that is about 900px on the longest side to the email. Send the email to: INFO@JCSPHOTO.COM

What I am looking for:

-A couple who has a wonderful story or who has overcome great odds
-The couple must be getting married somewhere in the US in 2008 (if I am already booked for the date, I'm sorry!)
-The couple must be willing to appear on this blog and have their story on this blog
-The couple must not be able to afford a lavish wedding

What I am NOT looking for:

-A couple who is having an expensive wedding and who just wants to win something for free
-A false story
-Couples planning destination weddings in exotic places (if you can afford that, you can afford a photographer of some kind). It is also too expensive for me to include travel fees to exotic destinations. I realize some people will not agree that destination weddings=money as costs can be less, but generally when people can afford to have a wedding, however small on a beautiful island, they could have had a very small simple wedding at home for less. That isn't about need, it's about choice. However, if you are an exception to the rule, send your story--I'll consider it!

The winner will receive:

-7-8 hours wedding day coverage
-online posting of all images
-30 photo 9X12 album
-DVD of images when album is received
-all travel fees for myself, if applicable

The specifics:

-SEND IN ENTRIES TO info@jcsphoto.com NO LATER THAN JANUARY 12, 2008
-The top three entries will be posted on this blog on January 14th, 2008
-The winner will be chosen by myself and my team of judges and announced on January 21, 2008

SO email this link out, nominate a deserving friend, and spread the word--I want a really wonderful, deserving couple to do this for this year.

GOOD LUCK! I can't wait to read all the entries!