I'm still here, but I've been taking a little blog hiatus for the past few days! I decided not to go back to North Carolina for Christmas this year, and instead will be spending it in the next best place--here! I'm going to work harder in the New Year to blog MORE than I have this year--but I still don't think I can keep up the every day blogging permanently. I have some big plans and ideas of stuff that's coming very soon though!

I've been trying for the past few days to stay away from the computer a bit to focus on some other things, like wrapping gifts, shopping, and recovering from the icky sickness I've had hanging around for the past couple of weeks--I think it's pretty much gone now, thank goodness.

I did a good job with my gift buying this year for the most part, but does anyone else feel like it was harder this year for some reason? I defaulted to gift certificates for way more people than usual, which isn't like me at all. I was brought up to believe that a gift certificate was not an acceptable gift to give and that I needed to work harder to be creative. However, I realize now that this was the only mistake my parents made in raising me (I am otherwise perfect of course!), because gift certificates rock. I do still feel a nagging guilt when I give one though, as happy as I am to get them.

What is the one thing you are hoping to get tomorrow? What is the best gift you are GIVING?