**ETA**A lot of people are asking where she got the shoes--sorry to say they are one of a kind, made from other shoes by a fabulous costume designer here in LA. But if you want to splurge, Try these Christian Louboutins!

The other night I came up here to LA because my mom decided to come by for a few days after planning and running a meeting in Las Vegas, and I arrived just in time to catch my cousin Richard and his wife Kabrel all dressed up and ready to go out! The were on their way to a 50's themed party and I happened to snag a few shots of the fab getup Kabrel wore:

You all know how I love shoes...


I adore these next two shots. I wanted them to look like they really could have been shot in another time:


Isn't this a cool family photo? Too bad the baby isn't in it, but he was already sleeping. Sorry Philip!