Isn't that cool? I don't do much speaking at conventions or seminars or that kind of thing, but I will be speaking this year in Tampa at the Digital Wedding Forum convention that coincides with Imaging USA. I, along with a couple of my colleagues, will be auctioning off mentoring slots to benefit the Keep A Child Alive children's charity.

I am only auctioning off one session. The session will be one hour and take place during the convention either Sunday night or Monday (or if those times don't work for you, we can work something out for over the phone or something like that). If you buy me, we can talk about whatever you want! We can shoot, if that helps, we can photoshop and I'll teach you how to make your images pop and be crispy and fun looking, we can talk about albums, pricing, shoes, or whatever else you want! I'll also buy you drinks and/or a meal if you want. Oh, and I'll give you a free shootsac.

If you are a DWF member, go to **THE DWF CONVENTION FORUM** starting tomorrow morning at around 10 or 11 am. The bidding will be open until Saturday morning, I think. As soon as my auction is ready for bidding, there will be a thread there at the top called Jessica Claire: Auction on Now

So bid on me! It would be totally embarrassing if everyone else went for lots of money and nobody bid on me. That would suck.