This week, I shot a maternity session for Drew and her husband Chuck who are expecting their first baby in a couple of months. The baby is a boy and will be named Braden! So instead of shooting at their home, which isn't quite baby ready just yet, they had this idea to take a little white couch around with us and shoot in a couple of different places! It was so much fun!

It's always a little interesting when a photographer hires me. Of course it is flattering, but another benefit is that no matter what I ask them to do, they pretty much do without any complaining. Chuck said it was Drew's payback for all the things she makes her own clients do, and I'm sure I would get the same if I ever had a session done for some reason. Anway, enjoy these fun photos, it's going to be so fun to meet the little guy when he comes!

These guys are so cute together. You should have seen Chuck dragging that white couch from place to place (okay, fine, i helped him out a little bit):


There is only one place in OC where you can drop a couch in the middle of the road and nobody bothers you. Reminds me of North Carolina!:


Drew is going to have two crazy guys to deal with soon!


Luckily, one of them will be small enough to deal with :)


During maternity shoots, you should always emphasize the bump:


And great hair:


Let's face it, Drew can work it. She's great on both sides of the camera!


I know that this photo doesn't say "maternity", but it does say, "aren't we going to have a gorgeous kid?":


I loved this image, helped out with some textures from Jesh De Rox
If you want to buy textures to work with his is THE set to get:


A quiet moment (probably the last one for awhile):


I do love my flare:


But every now and then I will experiment a little, especially when I am working with another photographer. Sometimes it can be fun to play with a little off-camera light. Some people think I don't know how to do this, but I do. I just odn't like to :)


If only Abercrombie and Fitch did maternity clothes, Drew could be the model:


Our last location:


There's something peaceful about this one:


I love a good blur every now and then:





This baby is so lucky to be getting such wonderful parents. I know it's probably scary before you have a baby, but you are going to do an amazing job!


Good luck!!