**the contest I was going to announced has been postponed for just a day or two more, so stay tuned for that!**

I've actually been thinking about exactly how I ever booked any weddings before my blog. I just love being able to show people the absolute most recent things that I'm doing, share stories, information, and other fun things! I decided to look back at my old blog to see when I started, and I sure wasn't very good at it at first! In the down time, I think I'm going to post a few weddings that I posted before anyone actually read this blog, just for fun.

I came across the wedding of Andrea and Tyler the other day because I have a little sample album here of their wedding. I though they were just a beautiful couple and I loved their very down to earth, sweet wedding. This wedding took place in October, 2005.

Here's a few favorites:

Andrea was a stunning bride:


Tyler, so anxious and excited before seeing Andrea for the first time:


I loved their first moments together. The little boy is Rylan, Andrea's absolutely adorable little boy:


He's quite the studmuffin:


The best part of the wedding--the too-cute-for words little flower girls!




I loved how this couple looked at each other:



Gorgeous, simple table settings:



One of my favorite cake-cutting shots, I love the expression on little Rylan's face:


It's so fun to relive weddings from years ago!